We're FlexiWORKr -
Ready to support you with a
dedicated remote team.

We provide various business support services and connect entrepreneurs with our highly skilled specialists for a modest monthly subscription fee.


Feeling overwhelmed managing day to day tasks? Whether you need administrative support, or someone to handle your social media strategy, we have specialized VAs with expertise across several fields. Outsourcing our services will save you time and money and allow you to stay focused on your core business goals.

Services we offer include:​ Business Assistant, Customer Service Assistant, Social Media Assistant and Finance Assistant.


No matter where you're based geographically or the size of your organisation. We've got you!

And you can count on a bespoke service every time. Personalised and tailored to fit your unique needs. All the while ensuring you get the most competitive prices on flexible full time or part time price plans.


Why FlexiWorkr?


Delegate your non-core tasks and reduce your workload so you can focus on the essential areas of your business, like planning, strategy, sales etc.
Click Here for suggestions of some tasks you could delegate to your assistant.


We offer true value for your money.
A FlexiWorkr will cost you around £5 per hour!!!
Outsource the support
you need when you need
it with FlexiWorkr and
save up to 70%
on the cost of hiring internally!


Get immediate access to our team of FlexiWorkrs.

No long contracts or commitments.
Just a monthly subscription fee. 
Tell us what you need support with and we'll match you with the best suited assistant.



Need 1, 10 or 20 outsourced support workers?

Not a problem!

Whether you're a solopreneur,
small-to-medium enterprises
or large corporation - 

FlexiWorkr is  your support system as your staffing needs grow.