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Does your business pride itself on offering outstanding customer service? Are you keen to provide additional support for your clients? FlexiWorkr can help, by supplying experienced customer service & virtual executive assistant service to work within your company and directly support your clients with their queries and concerns. Service Experienced customer service professionals with a minimum of 3 years experience working with international clients, hand-picked by FlexiWorkr to offer outstanding service. University graduates with excellent English written and verbal communication skills which are key to assist your customers. Available to work either within your current customer service team or take on a newly created position at your company. Potential to support your business with both inbound and outbound calls plus live chat systems and customer service email replies. Working within your core business hours or available to assist with out-of-hours support, on request. Advanced technology to support your business including third-party numbers, call waiting, call back systems, call recording and advanced call reporting. What Next? Simply click SUBSCRIBE. Follow the instructions to book your FlexiWorkr introduction call to meet your newly assigned Customer Service Assistant on a date convenient for you. Make your first subscription payment. That's it! If you have any questions please contact us via email at hello@flexiworkr.com